Monday, January 3, 2011

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

I am posting this with the potential risk of being accused of ‘generalizing’ things. There is a thing about (most) fast learners that has always puzzled me and is particularly self-defeating. They are as quick in switching hobbies as they are in acquiring them (myself included). Result: They end up being ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’.

This happens to me. It’s not that I lose interest in things quickly, but I’m just not ‘at them’ I’m guessing. Is it ‘lack of focus’ playing the spoilsport? Or is it ‘the want of doing too many things well’; I have still not been able to figure that out. Singing, dancing, acting, anchoring... Tried my hand at many a thing; have been successful in being fairly good at them, but not the best at any of them. And now that I am on a sabbatical and am officially unemployed, I thought of rediscovering the ‘creative me’ and took up this writing thingy. This again was not an unconquered territory for me as it happened to be yet another hobby that I had taken up long back and then as usual, left it unattended. This blog is no exception. Have a look at it. It is almost dead. No update in three years!!! Too bad.

Today I woke up all motivated and fully determined to write at least 5 articles (a target that I had set for myself, considering the fact that now I have all the time in the world to hone my writing skills). I was focused to follow the plan that I had chalked out the last night: a list of activities to be completed today. To begin with, I picked up a difficult topic to write about and struggled with it for a long time. Aarrrgh! I thought it’s time for a switch; I took up another topic, a simpler one this time and yet ran out of ideas. I thought ‘This is it! Fine! Let me not be too harsh on myself’ and I chose ‘what I believed was’ the easiest topic for me. I decided to write a review on one of my all-time-favorite movies ‘Chupke Chupke’. I have literally lost the count of the number of times I have watched the movie and I thought, writing about it should not be a difficult task. I just love the movie, I know the movie in and out and I also know all the dialogues and songs by-heart (and this is not an exaggeration). I was all set to craft out a master piece, I thought.

Sigh! I was so wrong. There I was struggling to begin and found myself groping for words. Hours passed and yet I was unable to come out with a single decent written piece. I got frustrated. I thought I was hopeless. It got me thinking ‘What could I possibly write, of a classic that had not been written before’? I secretly wished I could have chosen a lesser known flick to write about so that I could write my heart out.

I was having a bad day; I failed miserably at every single attempt at writing. Little did I realize that sometimes it just doesn’t click! I always wonder: why is it that ideas pop up in your head only when all possible writing gadgets that you can think of are most inaccessible? In my case, the maximum rush of ideas in my head is when I’m taking a shower. This is the place where I am at my vocab-best and can think of the most awesomest (if at all such a word exists) words to frame equally awesome and most importantly ‘intelligent’ sentences that would make an excellent write-up. Alas! I forget most of it by the time I’m out. ‘Genius! You should carry a pen and a paper with you to the shower if you cannot hold the thoughts in your mind for the duration of the bath‘, I say to myself. Bedtime is another hot favorite for the writing genius in me. After a long tiring day I decide to go to bed and lie down, and there it strikes!... a sudden out spring of ideas and I’m too lazy to get up for a pen & paper.

At the end of the day, here I am with none of the planned write-ups completed. Nevertheless, because of this failed attempt at writing I at least have an update on my oldest-inactive-neglected-for-years blog, in the form of this post.

Signing off for the day..