Saturday, February 17, 2007

HEAL THE WORLD - Where do we start ?

True !

I agree with what Francis & Soumya had to say in replies to my previous post. But the reality remains that the problem still exists. This is our world & we are a part of it, and we ought to strive hard to make it better. As we all understand the real problem is in the hearts & minds of men. And as soumya pointed man is bad, but his/her thoughts are. The question here is: What is to be done? At the minimum, each one of us should stop & improve our thoughts and improve our lives. Because, "Saying that you don't have time to improve your thoughts and improve your lives is like saying you don't have time to stop at the gas station because you are too busy driving " .So, I think whereever the problem lies....let us all start with ourselves, our thoughts, our mindsets and our lives,...and try & purify "self"....and then proceed to purify the world "together".


  1. Well well..Fair questn..
    Hmmm..How do we perfect ourselvs?

    Now to begin wid..Neha, i must appreciate ur attentn to detail..
    Perhaps.. in my reply to ur last post, i wasn't very clear abt how to make a kickstrt to improve ourselvs in terms of those 4 dimensions..
    but this time around i promise...nt to sound abstract...Now as i already indicated,dat in order to better ourselvs,wat is reqd is discipline..Discipline nt nly our actions bt our thoughts toooo..
    First of all..quit laziness..itz a Nasty Bug dat will eat u up..
    How? practice DIY..Do It Yrself principl wid a Nevr Say Die spirit..
    this wud cut down 1's idle time..
    'coz we all knw dat an idle brain is a devil's wrkshp..
    Wid NSD spirit, wat i mean is dat dnt daydream dat u wud change urself ovrnite..
    Wats reqd is a desperate approach towrds chngin urself..da kind of desperatn to liv 1 wud shw , wen drownin in da English channl..
    For instance..wat if da servant din't turn da cleanin urself..
    We com across situatns in life wen we xpect othrs to do things which we r capabl enuf to handle ourselvs.
    Now wat I wanna put across is try to b selfsufficient...don't b a parasite evn on ur parents..whom we usually take fr grantd..
    Anothr very imp aspect is da formatn of gud name a few r to b honest,trustful,helpful,compassionate,
    just,generous...n da list is unendin..
    Now habits depend on a lot many the kinda environ one is brought up,the kindof company 1 keeps,the level of educatn,the kindof buks 1 reads,the kinda 1 is xposed to..n most importantly da kind of activities 1 is involvd in..

    So we must keep a check on these aspects very much..

    Havin a +ve outluk towards life..plays a very imp role in buildin one's thoughts..

    Lastly,thru all these wat wud actually do is groom ourselvs..&
    parallaly set n xample fr da society to follow..(beginin wid one's family membrs)..

    At da outset..i wud say dat..i hav enlistd lotsa do's n dont's..
    but these were very easy on my part to key dwn...but will prove a herculian task for all of us to xecute..

    n befo takin a leave..Neha..lemme tell u dat the problem has lastd ovr decades..n we can't really find a soln ovrnite nor thru such forums n will remain until a majority of us do wat is reqd to get around this problm..
    but again such articles do for sure awaken the conscience..of ppl..

    Gud job Neha..keep goin!

  2. Wat happend Neha ji..not updatin ur blog...

  3. I really caught it late, but then y isn't there any update..........