Saturday, February 3, 2007

Heal The World

The way the world is shaping up today, and the way I foresee the future of mankind in this world of ours, I can see anything but happiness in people's lives. Why can't people differentiate the good from the evil.... the right from the wrong…. the ethical from the unethical…. the moral from the immoral…. truth from falsity? Why are people running away from the good and seeking the bad? Why are they religiously following all immoral and unethical things and still aren't a bit ashamed of their deeds? Instead those silly souls are so proud of their deeds that they boast about them. DISGUSTING! Why are they tempted to do the wrong? After every wrong act of theirs why isn't their conscience pricking them? Why aren't they feeling ashamed of their deeds? Instead the person who is right is accused for being the only person in the opposition, for being the only person doing the right, he is treated as their enemy. But may I ask for God’s sake, WHY? Who is the sufferer? The poor right fellow! Who is left alone? The right person again! Now I understand..."Sometimes a majority only means that all the fools are on the same side". I wonder how people to do all possible immoral things and still manage to escape giving even more annoying reasons. Do these reasons justify their act in any way? ... Where have all the ethics gone? Why has man become so selfish? The real problem is in the hearts and minds of men. "Oh Lord of the universe! Have you stopped sending good people on earth?Please answer my prayers lord: heal the world.... Please instill in all men morals, values and ethics that may make this world a better place to live in."


  1. Humanity has hit rock bottom. It is no more evident else where in the world, than in India. Every state has its problems. The judicial, political & legislative men of these states are taking advantages of this.But, what can we do? The most you and I can do is cry farse over them. We do not take that extra step. Because, its a RISK. Our personal futures are shaping up right now, and it looks glorious. But, we fear that our interference may darken this future. Sometimes, we are scared for our family.

    You are right. The 'just' people in this world are a minority, and their size is diminishing day by day. Unfortunately, we wait till the majority(idiots) ruins this world and then we go to clean it up. It has happened in the past, its happening now, and Im afraid that it will happen in the future.

    So, the question here is: "WHAT TO DO?"

  2. Life is an open road - it's the best story never told
    It's an endless sky – it's the deepest sea
    Life is an open road to me


  3. Luk Neha all i can say is dat ppl hav bcome materialistic mads..n u shud nt b taken aback by the state of affairs..
    All of us lack to some xtent in da physical , mental,intellectual n spiritual aspects of personality...
    Ppl who lack all da 4 r criminals..

    Physical aspect- gud health,gud habits..
    Mental aspect-gud thoughts..strength of mind..mental equillibrium.
    Intellectual aspect-how creativ u r?..ur concentration..powr to discriminate b/w right n wrong...
    Spiritual aspect-ur conscience..truthfulness..fearlessness

    Now da questn is why do we lack in these 4 dimensions? this is 'coz we r subject to gr8 many distractns dat our value system has gt corruptd..b it thru TV..or Intrnet..or da hippy culture of dis generatn...or da glamour of consumerism..

    Actually da real problm lies wid da system..b it political..or economic or educationl..n itz we who hav corruptd da system..

    n finally no God will com n save us(luk, i m nt an atheist,but)..we hav to help ourselvs..perfect da system..perfect ourselvs in those 4 aspects..

    keep ourselvs away frm distractns..discipline ourselvs..b gud n do gud..

    Who is bad? all r gud..wats sick is the thought..the mindset..n nothin elz..

    To make a punchline..i wud say dat
    none can escape frm The will b punished fr one's crooked deeds in this very birth..dat's fr sure...

    Aap Bhala toh Jug Bhala...

  4. well is too good for discussions.though bit inclined to spiritual..i would like to add up few things...its all in the mind to give a call..whether u strive to become man-making or nation making personalities..well if u r free check out my poems
    especially Me N My Solitude..any comments welcome...

  5. well neha,

    i read this blog after francis recommended it on his blog.... u r right abt the point that first one should purify oneself before purifying the world... but self purification by all will automatically lead to world purification.... but it won't happen that soon....

    there is so much sin and vice in this world that it is tough for such a change to happen - it's like the monkey paradox - improbable, but not impossible... and it's us - the youth - who can do it, but we are not ready to change ourselves.... it's tough.... but still, one can always hope for such a change... i hope atleast our future generation will get a pure world....

  6. i would say...stop one knows whats right whats wrong...something that is bad to you might be good for other...its just the perception....anyways opposite perceptions will always stay and the equations will be balanced till the life ends...